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April 30, 2010

Writing your own copy

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I mentioned the other day that I talked my way into making my first commercial. Of course it is on the internet, and almost no one will ever hear it — but I think that is probably a plus given my level of expertise at the moment!

The other thing I mentioned though is that I am also creating the copy! Whee!

That is a lot of fun, and gives you a slightly better appreciation for the copywriters that hacked out that stuff you have been slaughtering in class! (more…)

Voice Bank Blog

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Well Crud!!  Here’s something I missed completely! I have posted about the VoiceBank site where there are huge listings of agencies, studios, producers, etc. — Including Agency Demos of all their talent!

Well somehow I completely missed the fact that they also have a blog!  And what a blog!  Several years worth of articles concerning every aspect of the VO world, and lots of interviews, and even the occasional funny video.

Check this out, there’s hours of good stuff here.

April 29, 2010


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Just got an e-mail from Voice One in San Fran.  That is Elaine Clark’s school which I have spoken about before and linked to on the right side there.

They have begun working with Internet Voice Coach and their instructors will be adding article periodically.

To quote from their e-mail. IVC.com is:

“The first website devoted exclusively to every facet of voice-over, with online video and audio tutorials, monthly webinars, interviews with casting directors, agents, and producers, as well as some of today’s top voice-over celebrities. Internet Voice Coach has monthly audition contests, a huge database of practice scripts from all areas of the industry, and yearly members get personal feedback (sent directly to their email inbox as an mp3 file) on any audio samples sent to IVC for critique”.

There is a monthly or yearly fee to join, and there is a special deal on the price through May 31.

Yes, there are a lot of online training facilities that would love to get your money and it is hard to know when they are worthy and when they are not — But! — I have some knowledge of Ms. Clark and her operation and her bona fides – and I suspect that if she is lending her name to an operation, then it has some real value.

Check it out! If you don’t live close to any kind of training facility, this might be your best bet. In fact, it might be a good bet even if you do live close to a training facility.

Working on a Real Project

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As voice over students, we are all familiar with the feeling of working on copy that is only for our own practice, even if that copy was (or is) real copy for publication in one form or another.

It is interesting, fun, and educational; and I find that there is some copy that I get right away, and then there is some copy that I am never going to get no matter how much I practice it. I’m like Lucy on the Chocolate Factory Assembly line, the harder I try, the more of a mess it becomes. (more…)

Sound Advice Clients: in-studio Workshop

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There is an interesting collection of MP3’s here.

These are student training sessions in the soundbooth. You can hear the direction and you can hear the students working on the copy. I find that when I am in class and worrying about my upcoming exercise I can’t really concentrate that well on the other students when they are in the booth. This is an easy way to listen and concentrate.

This is from a studio down in LA where Kate McLanaghan runs a school called Sound Advice. They also do demos.

Oh, and there are also several recordings featuring Nancy Cartwright, you know, Bart Simpson?

Voicetrax in the News

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The Silicon Valley Mercury News just published an article about my schoolVoicetrax!

Check it out, its a fun piece and tells you a little about some of the students.

April 28, 2010

Corey Burton interview on Sat. May 1

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Tune in to Disney Radio on Sat. 5/1 at 4:00 for a Disney on Demand interview with Corey Burton. You won’t find many people who know more about the VO industry than Mr. Burton.

Thanks to Voice Actors in the News for the heads up.

Found a couple of Voice Over News Sites

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Here are some links to a couple news sites that I found a lot of interesting info on.
VoiceChasers and
Voice Over Times.

These sites along with Voice Actors in the News, give you a great overview of the current events in Voice Acting, and for me, they also make me feel a closer connection to the people and the industry.

Knowledge is Power!

April 27, 2010


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Had my 4th class last night. New teacher, and this time we did less script reading and talked a little more about the business of voice acting.

Just in case you didn’t realize it, this career you are embarking upon is a little different from filling out an application and starting to crank out the Crabby Patties!

At some point down the road, we are all going to be possessed of the Magical Golden Pipes (we hope), and we will sally forth into the bright sunshine with our hot little CD clutched in our sweaty hands! — Now What? (more…)

April 26, 2010

Voice Over Practice Copy

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One of the things that you are gonna have to do if you want to get ahead in this business before AARP starts hitting you up for membership, is take it upon yourself to Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!! reading copy.

Unlike my 8 year old, who informed me that he didn’t need to practice guitar, because he gets enough practice during his once-a-week 45 minute lesson (and believe me — he Doesn’t!!) you, me, and everyone else starting out is going to have to practice at home, on the road, in the bathroom, wherever the urge grabs you! (more…)

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