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Voice Actors in the News!


Well, a certain Voice Actor has come to my attention this morning and I just have to tell you. Its not everyday that a VA makes it into national news!

D C Douglas, who WAS the tag line voice of GEICO has been released from his duties there. And no, he’s not the little green dude. Full article is available on the Huffington Post.

Seems he just couldn’t stop himself from making a rude, but funny, phone call to one of the TeaBagger organizations and leaving a little message; which you can hear at the link.

Probably not the the smartest idea, careerwise, that he had all morning, but what the heck, he probably felt better when he got that off his chest.

I like one line from the article particularly well: “According to a press release from Wednesday, Geico held auditions to replace Douglas the next day.” Man! Wish I could get that kind of response when I have an insurance claim!

Whatever the case, Mr. Douglas is probably in need of our moral support this morning and I have added a link to his blog. It is an interesting blog, I must say.

In addition, it turns out that he has actually written a voice over manual – available here.

Well worth a read! Although his site seems to be running a little slow this morning; you may have to wait a day or so.

Let’s all offer him our moral support, and if you know any good hangover recipes, you might offer him that too, he may have a little headache today.