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Voice Over Practice Copy


One of the things that you are gonna have to do if you want to get ahead in this business before AARP starts hitting you up for membership, is take it upon yourself to Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!! reading copy.

Unlike my 8 year old, who informed me that he didn’t need to practice guitar, because he gets enough practice during his once-a-week 45 minute lesson (and believe me — he Doesn’t!!) you, me, and everyone else starting out is going to have to practice at home, on the road, in the bathroom, wherever the urge grabs you!

One of the issues you will soon come across is finding Ad Copy. Of course you can pick up any magazine, newspaper, etc. and find copy to read – some of which is very good for reading; but most of it was created for print, and has only hints at what a good style of read might be. There is no direction provided at all of course.

There are several places you can find copy. In Voice Over books there is usually some copy. Of the books that I have read so far, Elaine Clark’s book There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is has the most copy that I have found, and of many different varieties.

Online is another good place to search for copy. There are several places which have copy, some free, some not, specifically for voice overs. Edge Studio, which is a valuable resource in itself, and I have added a link at right, has a collection of scripts available here. You have to give them your e-mail, but otherwise they are free.

You can download around 20 files, each containing many, many scripts here, from a site that is associated with Don Capone, a very well known VO talent. I have downloaded these and not found any viruses or anything yet, so I think it is safe.

You can also download a collection of scripts from Voices.com here, for $47 smackers, but I have not done that yet. I have found enough free scripts so far that I have many, many hours of practice lying in wait.

So check these out and see what you think, and remember, you gotta do more than practice at your once-a-week class, or you’re never gonna get there!