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April 29, 2010

Working on a Real Project

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As voice over students, we are all familiar with the feeling of working on copy that is only for our own practice, even if that copy was (or is) real copy for publication in one form or another.

It is interesting, fun, and educational; and I find that there is some copy that I get right away, and then there is some copy that I am never going to get no matter how much I practice it. I’m like Lucy on the Chocolate Factory Assembly line, the harder I try, the more of a mess it becomes.

But here is a way to get a whole new slant on the recording situation. Try recording something for real use out in the public eye! OK! I know, I know, you (and I) aren’t really ready for the big time, AND we have been told over and over again not to do a demo before we are ready, not to stink up the airwaves with our consummate crapulence. Well, I agree with that of course and think the same thing.

But here’s the thing! There are a whole bunch of ways to record real spots for real use that won’t really go out to that many people, and which most people won’t even know you did at all. Think Internet! Think websites! With 300 Billion web pages out there, how many people do you think actually get around to reading any of them? (gee, that’s sort of depressing now that I think about it — why am I doing this blog again?)

Anyway, I have a ton of friends who have websites and blogs, etc. Some are personal sites, some business. I just got finished twisting the heck out of the arms (and legs – it really took a lot) of some of my friends who own a bike shop. I talked them into the idea of a photo montage of their shop with a little copy with MY voice running under it! WWHHEEEE! My first SPOT!!!!

Good News is: I get to plan it, write the copy (and that is REALLY, REALLY good practice too! we’ll talk about that later) and record it all on my Mr. Microphone at home! And the best thing! — probably almost nobody will hear it!!!

And let me tell you, if you have trouble concentrating in the soundbooth in class, or you just have a tendency to rip off a couple quickie takes on that practice copy, then wait til you have some real motivation behind you — LIKE THIS IS REALLY GOING TO BE BY OTHER HUMANS!

NOW you will TRULY start to get a feeling for how crappy you really are!!

Great Stuff!! I highly recommend it!


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