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Voice Care and Feeding


This morning I woke up and said good morning to my 8 year old, and I had the proverbial Voice of God! Actually, more like the Voice of God after a hard night of playing poker and smoking ceegars. I have a fairly deep voice normally, but this morning I sound like Froggy off the Little Rascals.

Looks like the pollen must be kicking into high gear as spring may finally be here. Which brings me to a funny realization about this business. That is — it all hinges on a pretty delicate and only vaguely controllable item. Your Voice!

No matter how much you practice and train and read this great website, if the pollen kicks up, or you get sick, or even if you get a little too energetic at your kid’s baseball game — you may be unfit for work the next day!

Dang! suddenly you need to start thinking about taking care of your instrument!

Peter O’Connell has just put up a couple of posts about voice care recently. Seems to be a popular topic of conversation at the moment. In fact, one of the new sponsors Voice 2010 is a head and neck doctors group!

Check out Peter’s site for several good links to information about vocal care.

And as for pollen, the hot thing that seems to be making the circuit lately is that you should buy some locally made honey, made using the same pollens floating around you and take a tablespoon or so each day to help you fend off the post-nasal drip. Think I will give it a try.