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VO Student Crack! — AKA Direction!


I had my 5th class last night. What a class! It was great fun. New instructor – this time it was the head of the school; she wanted to check out our progress (if any). Anyway, she made a comment that I really liked at one point, and it was something to the effect that Direction is like a horribly addictive drug to new Voice Acting students.

After doing this for a few weeks with an instructor, in the soundbooth, recording what we are doing, I can definitely see what she means. The first few takes that I feebly poop out over the airwaves often tend to sound similar to the noises my cat makes when she has downed a particularly large amount of hair.

But VOILA!, following just a few short minutes of direction from her or some other reasonably competent person sitting out there idly twirling their hair and waiting for me to wake up in there, I can almost, sorta, kinda, nearly, sound like something you might hear on TV! (ok, I’m talking Public Access here, but still – its TV!)

I mean, it sure looks to me like even the biggest boob around (not me, not me, not me,) can start doing something decent with good Direction!

So that is when she said, “OK, you’re gonna have to do it on your own this time.”

WELL! That is what it all boils down to kiddies. Basically anybody with a tongue can be coached and prompted and back-storied into a good read – and probably even into a fairly decent demo too; but what’re you gonna do when you go into that audition soundbooth by yourself and fiddle blankly with your copy while the greasy-haired, pimply-faced, engineer picks his nose and waits for you to come up with SOMETHING ALL BY YOURSELF!?!?!?

Oh, and my most abject apologies to all engineers out there — I didn’t mean you! Really! Please don’t make me sound like Ben Stein!