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Last Class (of my beginner’s course that is)


Had the last class of the beginner’s course last night. Sort of bittersweet experience.  I am glad that I have learned all this stuff and made it through, but now I have to go scratch around and dig up some cash to start the next one!

We did some character work (hilarious – although mostly unintentionally hilarious) and some script stuff, and then the teacher just asked us a question:  “So one of your good friends comes up to you and says: ‘Hey!  Voice Acting huh?  What the heck is that all about?'”

Well some folks started talking about the nuts and bolts, but I went off all philosophical-like and probably sounded like a boob, but it was fun and we all had a good time, and everybody swore they were going to start a new class soon!

I have to say that this class was one of the most fun things that I have done in a long time, it was surprisingly demanding. You had to completely forego any self-consciousness, any hope of dignity, and just act like a goofball. I can remember quite clearly how nervous I was the first time I had to get behind the microphone and do that. Now, — HA! I LOVE being a goofball (Can’t help it in fact).

It appears that acting like a complete buffoon in front of others makes them like you! and vice-versa.  While we all eyeballed each other warily (does that person look better than me?) on the first night, by the last night we were all sort of sappy and sorry to say goodbye.  We each revealed our vulnerabilities to the others and trusted that they would hold them gently and not crush them with callous behavior, and you know what?  It worked!

I really look forward to seeing them all in the near future in our next class – which will be ACTING by the way!  Because we all need it!