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April 19, 2010

voice over classes

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Tonight i am going to my third class of six in my beginning workshop series.  I am taking these classes at a school called Voicetrax in Sausalito.

So far,everyone I have met at the place seems incredibly enthusiastic about their job and about the industry.

In the first class we just covered the basics which you have all probably picked up by now just reading things on the internet. Number one rule is, of course, It’s All About The Acting!

In fact, the quality of your voice is not real important, as long as you don’t send people running from the room with bleeding ears, SOMEBODY out there could use that squeaky, nasal whine to sell SOMETHING.

There are 6 people in my class, and all of them profess to some acting background, all of them but me, since I have never done anything in my life that even resembles acting. Although, come to think of it, my wife says I live in a fantasy world… wonder if that counts?

The really fun part of the class is the time in the soundbooth. Now that is something that you just can’t get from the internet. We do improv and copy and dialogue with other actors in the soundbooth and are just generally getting used to the mic and performing in front of other folks. I just can’t see how you could ever get relaxed and comfortable enough to actually let out a decent performance for an audition without having hours of time in a soundbooth around people who are pretty much complete strangers. You can’t create that sort of environment at home alone in the coat closet.

In addition to the practice and the butterflies you get from the class, we also have a teacher who (pretty much) gently points out the problems we are having (he must get really tired of us clods) and who is also great at directing us and pulling out incredible improvements in our practice. He is also a working voice over actor, so we all have quite a lot of faith in his talent.

The classes are great. I have read it before and I believe it myself; this is just not a career that you can master without professional training.


Voice Over Xtra

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This is a commercial site with things to sell the aspiring voice actor, but they also have a lot of interesting info, with years worth of archives you can browse.


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Added a link to Voicebank.com client listings and demos. Voicebank is a tremendous resource to those who need to listen to what the pros sound like. And that would be all of you (and me) who AREN’T pros! If you are unsure whether you are a pro or not, make a short 2 or 3 minute video demo of yourself and upload it to Youtube. The world could use a good laugh.

voiceoverexperts podcasts

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Just added a link to the archives from Voice Over Experts.com. This is several years worth of their podcasts interviewing various professionals from the industry on just about every possible aspect of the business. Most of the podcasts also have a transcript which you can read if listening to the broadcast is not crucial. There is a LOT of good info here.

Great Blog

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Just added a link to Bob Souer’s blog. This man wins the prize for hardest blogger in the voiceover world. His blog is constantly updated and he has a tremendous number of interesting links. I have spent hours just clicking through other people’s blogs and have probably learned more from that than from just about anything else online.

Voice Acting!! Where the hell did THAT idea come from?!?!

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Well, that’s what my wife said anyway.

My name is Whitney Wyatt.  I started down an odd and interesting (well, at least to me, and maybe to you since you are reading this) a few months ag0.

I started to study Voice Acting!

I know you probably figured that out already, but for those who need it spelled out, there it is.  Don’ t say I’m not a caring guy.

It all started out when my son’s teacher made a comment about my voice while I was reading some kid’s book to his class.  Great voice, wonderful reading, that sort of thing.

Only a few short weeks later, a dim light went on over my head and I thought “Hey!  I’ll bet people get paid to do this sort of thing!”

I am sort of a slow learner, I’ll admit, and I only know that because I am 48 now, and have had a looonngggg time to mull it over.

Anyway, I started to (of course) google the crap out of it and found out that there are roughly 1,000,000,000 pages out there pertaining to Voice Acting (who knew?) and of those, approximately 999,999,900 are sites devoted to teaching YOU, the bright-eyed, fresh-voiced, young Star in Waiting the entire Biz!

All you need is some amount of cash that ends in .95.  That would be anywhere in the range of $19.95 all the way to $1499.95 and you will be in business!  WOW!!  I thought, “HOW EASY!”

It is kinda sad when you are starting out your new career all excited and happy and full of silly dreams and then you get all jaded and cynical BEFORE YOU EVEN LEARN ANYTHING!!!

So that is where I ended up; but that was only the first day!  And I have made some discoveries since then that I thought the world of aspiring voice actors would REALLY LOVE TO KNOW!

And Holy Crap!  Judging by the number of people running websites to sell something to these people, that must be one Huge world!  “HUGE” as the Donald says.

So my idea here is to gradually upload all the info that I have discovered and websites that have been helpful to me, and even cover some of the stuff that is going on in my first series of Voice Acting classes that I have just started taking.  And man am I jazzed that it turns out there is a whole voice acting school right near where I live!  What Luck!

So nice to meet you, I hope you are learning new and nifty things yourself, and drop me a line if you find anything you think is worth including here.  I will be putting up links to all kinds of sites and blogs and schools, and especially funny videos.  Like those squirrels on water skis, I love that crap…

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